About Us

When Web Networks was founded in 2012, we were a small company dealing with various technology services. Gradually we transitioned into wireless internet and established a number of access points at the peak of Argakhachi Simalpani. Our first milestone was a small team with a small vision.

Eventually, We started our service in the land of KapilVastu where we had a lot of challenges to make our services reliable to our clients. Working in KapilVastu was an opportunity to understand our service and the nature of our work. We always believed in our Team, with time we made our service reachable in different districts of province no. 5. Today Our services are available on Rupandehi, Nawalparasi, Kapilvastu, Argakhachi. We have grown to become one of the best Internet service providers.

Over this time we have maintained our commitment to providing premium quality services at extremely competitive prices. Our core business is domestic and corporate Internet services which include High-Speed broadband service. We also provide web hosting and co-location service.

Our aim is to provide consumers with:

High quality & Competitive price

Simple setup & Ease of use

Internet services with excellent customer care!


Web Networks Pvt Ltd is a privately owned and operated ISP that delivers clear, simple, reliable, and compelling internet services at competitive prices to best meet the long-term needs of our customers while delivering value for Resellers and providing a rewarding environment for employees.


Customers : We understand that our business exists to deliver clear and simple solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Through Customer insight and knowledge we continuously improve every customer interaction.

Great People: We hire on the basis of attitude, aptitude, and skill yet above all we value people with strong values and treat people as they wish to be treated themselves.

Doing What We Say We Will Do: We always deliver clear and simple outcomes in the specified timeframes and to the standard that we say we will.

Teamwork: We operate the business with a sense of engagement that means staff take responsibility for their actions and behave with integrity in everything they do.

Home/Life Balance: We provide a working environment that encourages staff members to have an appropriate balance between corporate and home life whilst still achieving our goals.

Performance: We value employees who operate like Web Network is their business and balance commercially prudent business decisions with the customer experience and ultimately share in the rewards that success brings.

Time line of Web Networks

Timeline of Web Networks over period



Web Networks Pvt Ltd was founded in late 2012 by a group of Technical Team. We offer high-quality and affordable broadband internet services. we are committed to providing quality cost-effective and a reliable internet connection to our clients.

Registered as ISP


Web Network Pvt Ltd Officially Registered as an ISP in 2015. Since 2015 we are providing remarkable service in the field of BroadBand World in Nepal with a limited location, Specially Province No 5.

First Branch


Every journey starts with the first step along with the desire to achieve something, We started our First baby step with our First Branch in 2016 at KapilVastu. Today we hold branches in Four districts with customer satisfaction.

First 1k Customers


Every Organization has its own First milestone to achieve a target so that it makes it easier to take steps in upcoming years. Yes, we are the team of achieving the first 1k users in starting 2 years.